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Grow your business ecosystem, from strategy to execution

Together with you, we uncover new business opportunities across your ecosystem. We lead and transform your product and design organisations to be ready for growth.

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Ready to build a thriving community?

A community is a foundational layer to create a successful business ecosystem. We partner with you to build and grow a thriving community that works from strategy all the way to execution.

Build a thriving community

1  Organize trust to grow


Our experience and best practices enable you to be successful in each phase of the Build/Grow/Thrive cycle of your community.

Build a thriving community

Ecosystem mindset Forum

We organize the conversation around the ecosystem mindset. The Ecosystem Mindset Forum is the place where ecosystem leaders around the world connect, share experiences, build insights and kick-off joint experiments.

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2  Live the customer journey

Ecosystem mapping

Get a deeper understanding of your community and stakeholders to optimize your growth efforts, value delivery and monetization of that value.

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End-to-End Customer Journey

Uncover your key customer journeys so you can prioritize your efforts to achieve the most end-to-end value.

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3  Adapt, don't be rigid

Ecosystem Strategy Roadmap

Identify the high value strategies to adopt and low value strategies to abandon and lay the foundation for the change program to drive a successful ecosystem.

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Innovation Sprints

Any strategy for creating the digital ecosystem must also look beyond the core business to anticipate disruption. Through 3sides innovation sprints, we work with clients to uncover new sources of revenue.

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Lead & Transform

Transform your Engagement, Development and Design teams and work together to build scalable, adaptable infrastructure and organization that can scale across your ecosystem.

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