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Our approach

Our community consultants have built and run communities themselves

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Our approach is based on best practices which come with years of experience in the field

We always start by defining and aligning the community strategy: this is the foundation for success.

The activities to be prioritized depend on the primary purpose and role of the community. The approach and tactics be different to achieve case deflection, customer engagement or lead generation. And how does the community fit in the broader digital ecosystem?

3sides Community Build-Grow-Thrive Model - Build phase3sides Community Build-Grow-Thrive Model - Thrive phase3sides Community Build-Grow-Thrive Model - Grow phase3sides community formula

1 - Build

Set and align strategy and deploy community platform

2 - Grow

Track KPIs, measure and adapt to scale

3 - Thrive

Community members are highly engaged and ROI met

An online community is cyclical: you cycle through building a community, measuring and growing the community, and maintaining a thriving community.

When you reach this last phase, you start thinking about the Build phase again lest the community turns stale. What changes are needed to remain relevant for your audience? Which strategy is needed to reach the next business goal?

We partner with you to build up the community capability in your organisation to create and run an online community.

Our projects are always done in close collaboration with key people in your team and we ensure a proper handover afterr successful delivery of the project. Our clients also partner with us on a subscription or retained service basis. We augment your team with capabilities and roles to support you in your journey for a longer term.

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Steps to build a thriving community

Pretty Cool
Super Cool
Strategy & Plan
Define global community strategy and roadmap, KPIs and best next steps
Create a community team to drive the program
Platform setup and optimization
Setup and optimize community platform according to best practices and aligned with roadmap
Core content and reporting
Ensure the right people provide the right content to achieve roadmap goals
Create and execute communication plan to align and reach the target audience
Realise Growth
Measure KPIs, learn and adjust
Integrate the community in your business processes and broader digital ecosystem
Innovation and Evolution
Ensure your community is refreshed and renewed to remain attractive and relevant for your audience

The 8 steps to build a thriving community

Let us help you build a thriving community

As community consultants we love to help businesses like yours engage with their audience through online communities. Wherever you're starting your community journey, we will help you take the next steps.

Let's chat about how we can help you get the most out of your community.