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A community for Community Leaders

Connect with your peers and learn from other community leaders.

Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned community leader, the Community Leaders Forum provides a platform for stimulating discussion and knowledge exchange. We aim for the community to be diverse, as we believe that sparks the most interesting discussions. The community has leaders that are veterans and newbies, and have backgrounds in different industries and company sizes and shapes.

The topics range from building and growing a community, best practices based on experiences and challenges encountered along the way.

We strive to be an inclusive community where all can feel confident and safe to share and where confidentiality and privacy are respected.

Past events

The Community Leaders Forum has monthly meetups and a Slack.
We also host speakers in Open Knowledge Sessions - knowledge sharing events that are open for all to join.

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Example events and topics

28 Apr 2022How to plan a community with lead generation goals
Speaker Brigid O'Donnell Colver – Involve.ai Community

02 Dec 2021How Micro Focus empowers their customers through their community
Speaker Raquel Winkler– Micro Focus Community

23 Sep 2021The "ROI ghost" - how to properly measure ROI
Speaker Yashraj Singha – Sophos Community

24 Jun 2021The role of change management in building a successful community
Speaker Nick Baker – The Football Association Learning Community

25 Mar 2021The science of Trust. How to model trust in your community
Speaker Ellen Bergdahl – MacMillan Cancer Support Community

21 Jan 2021General Community Management and Verint Community v12 review
Speaker David Rossall – Use Case National Autistic Society

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