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Our toolbox

Engagement, Design and Development

Community Strategy

We work together to define your Community Strategy. Creating a long term plan towards a thriving community.

User Experience Design

Our designers know what it takes to design a engaging experience for your community. We make sure the design will fit in your brand identity while adhering to the needs of the community

Rapid Launch

Sometimes you just want to launch and do the learning at a later stage. Through our Rapid Launch approach we will help you to get set and ready in the shortest time possible.

Journey Mapping

Make sure your community will fit in your wider products and services, creating a seamless and engaging experience for your audience.

Training & Coaching

We are eager to share our knowledge. We deliver training and coaching to ensure you have build up the expertise to be succesful.

Development Support

Our developers know what it takes to develop a community. Through their experience they can quickly implement what you need to make your community grow.

What you can expect

Clear strategy to grow and thrive
A community that feels as a seamless brand experience for your customers
A team your can always lean on
Growing knowledge of community building in your organisation
Development experts who know all details of the community platform

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A unique formula to build and grow a thriving community

We help our customers to create value through trusted conversations.

We act as your knowledge partners and help you to build up the expertise to build, grow and let the community thrive. We make sure you can facilitate trusted conversations to increase your organisational value

To be really successful with your community you need a diverse team. A team who knows how to define a community strategy, select and implement the right technology and design an experience that fits your company branding and increase the engagement. Building this team internally is a big challenge. Even for bigger organisations. Where would you find this knowledge? And who can lead and coach this team to success.

3sides has a team of community strategists, designers and developers. One team that can help you through all phases of building, growing and thriving your community.

1 - Build

Build a solid foundation for growth.

2 - Grow

Be prepared for success

3 - Thrive

Exceed your customer expectations

Our focus is to deliver your value

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Our customers work with us on retained services or project-based fees.

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