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About 3sides

Our experts have been building and running customer communities for over a decade. We have seen first-hand how communities can accelerate business growth. Now we’re dedicated to helping you achieve similar success.

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Building and running a community can be tough, we know

We've been there. Where do you start? How do you choose the right technology? How do you get organisational buy-in? How do you continue your growth?

There is a lot to think about, but luckily you don’t have to do it alone. We're here to guide you every step of the way.

Your trusted partner on your community journey

At 3sides, we're not just talking theory. Our team has been in the trenches, with major B2B businesses and large consumer brands to build and grow their communities. We’ve also worked with several non-profits and government agencies.

We have been through the process and have learned from every mistake. Now we're equipped to steer you clear of common pitfalls, guiding you straight towards your community goals.

From strategy to operations

Wherever you're starting your community journey, we will help you take the next steps.  

Our services cover the entire scope of building and managing a community:
- Initial strategy and planning
- Design and development
- Community training
- Supporting the continued community operation

We helped build award-winning communities

What makes us

We look at your entire organisation

We always take a holistic view, focusing on your organisation as a whole. Our business consultants have deep knowledge of community building, product development, innovation, and organisational change.

We integrate with your team

We believe strong relationships and trust are necessary to get things moving. That’s why we don’t want to be your supplier; we want to become part of your team.

Complexity doesn't scare us

We help you break through complexity. We love bringing back clarity and structure, so you know exactly which steps to take to reach your business goals.