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We blog about designing and building digital communities and ecosystems and how to turn that into value.

3sides wins Rising Star Award 2023 at Verint EMEA Partners Summit

We are proud to announce that 3sides has been recognized with a Rising Star Award at Verint's EMEA Partners Summit in 2023.

Online community the answer to recession, recruitment and scaling problems

Knowledge of your company is owned by your company. It is yours! Capture it and distribute it.

Ecosystem thinking and the ecosystem mindset

As an organisation, you need to define your ecosystem strategy - what will be your keystone position?
ecosystem thinking
digital strategy
business ecosystem

Key questions for your community strategy when starting a community

Which questions should be answered when devising a strategy when launching your community?

3sides and inSided announce Partnership

We are very proud to announce that we are an official parter of inSided

3sides awarded Telligent Certified Alliance Partner badge

We are pleased to announce that we are now a Verint Community Certified Alliance Partner.

5 Evolution Steps of Community thinking. And they are all valid!

Start with: Purpose. What is the community for? It is always to achieve a business result

Morphing, the new chique in Customer Success

Investment in customer success should lead to measurable success - your customer's success, not only yours

UX is not a job, it is a team effort.

UX is not a job, it is a team effort. Everyone is a designer and makes design choices which impact the customer.
experience design

The Importance of Online Conversations and Digital Communities

The new phrase soon will be "After Covid". Some things will change forever and one of them is the online conversation

The Inevitable Joy of growing a Community

If you get down to the essence of what a customer needs, it is basically two things: good software and good people

The Inevitable Pain of growing a Community

Building a community feels a lot like a soft reorganisation

Headless Apps and Bottomless Marketing

Headless allows Marketing & Sales to create great branded experience independent from backend.

The Ecosystem Multiverse: You live in many worlds

Attracting an audience and engaging with them is now part of your core company strategies.