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Let your community thrive

A community is group of people with a common interest. Their conversations can happen offline or online, and on different points of their journey with you. These people can be internal or external to your company. How can you turn these conversations into high value touches - for them, and for you?​

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Build, Grow, Thrive...

We partner with you to realize your community from first idea to plan, to build and grow it into a thriving community. We will box - per phase - the right result areas and metrics and help you focus on achieving those goals.

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We work on project basis or as an extension of your team. 3sides is your partner, expanding your knowledge and capability.

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The steps to build a thriving community

Pretty Cool
Super Cool
Strategy & Plan
Define and adjust global strategy and roadmap, KPIs and best next steps
Create team including your team and 3sides specialists and coaching your team
Platform setup and optimization
Setup and maintain platform according to best practices and aligned with roadmap and goals
Core content and reporting
Ensure the right people provide the right content appropriate for the phase and roadmap goals
Support you in your communication plan and reaching the right people
Realise Growth
Support and coach with best practices to realise growth; measuring on KPIs, learn, adjust
Integrate the community seamlessly in your business processes and broader ecosystem
Innovation and Evolution
Ensure your community is refreshed and renewed in time to remain attractive and relevant for your audience

Trusted partner

With Telligent we have a proven track record of delivering success.