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How to plan a community with lead generation goals

April 28, 2022  |  16:00 - 16:45 CET

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Brigid O'Donnell Colver

Senior Manager, Customer Intelligence Community


Have you wondered how to use your communities for marketing and make it part of your lead generation engine? What if you could use your community to attract new customers?

In this webinar Brigid Colver will talk about how Involve.ai is planning to use their online community for lead generation and branding purposes from the start.

Join this exciting 45 minutes webinar and learn how to attract new customers with your online community.

You will have time to talk to Brigid at the end of the session.


Brigid Colver, Senior Community Manager, Involve.ai
Wilfried Rijsemus, Principal Community Consultant, 3sides

About the speaker

Brigid Colver has worked in Customer Success for over five years, building resources and channels to support customers at SaaS companies like SAP, LinkedIn, and now Involve.ai. She loves using community as a guidepost and communication center that not only celebrates and brings clients together, but gives them direction toward resources and support they might not otherwise encounter.

View recording

View recording on Youtube

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