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recording of Open Knowledge Session

Learn how Micro Focus empowers their customers through their community

December 2, 2021  |  16:00 - 16:45 CET

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Raquel Winkler

Senior Community Manager

Micro Focus

Have you ever wondered what an advanced community operation could really look like? How you can support a large operation in a lean, scalable and effective customer success instrument? Did you ever feel the need to talk to somebody who actually has done all that?

In this webinar Raquel Winkler shares how Micro Focus is delivering world class customer success through a multi-year evolution of their community.

Join this exciting 45 minutes webinar and learn how to boost customer engagement, beat their expectations, and create champions for your business.

You will have time to talk to Raquel at the end of the session.

What was discussed

  • How an advanced community delivers customers success and serve both the Support as well as the Marketing needs
  • How Micro Focus has organized her innovation flows for higher customer satisfaction
  • How community success is measured with Micro Focus
  • How a multi-brand experience is organized around 300+ software products


Raquel Winkler, Senior Community Manager, Micro Focus
Wilfried Rijsemus, Principal Community Consultant, 3sides

View recording

View recording on Youtube

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